Smart lighting control

Lighting Control

State-of-the-Art Lighting Control Systems

Take Total Control

Control a wide variety of lights using intelligent switch communication.

Increased Security

Set up time based schedules for increased security

Modern House

Ready to bring your home into the 21st century?

Every other aspect of your life is smart and tech-connected. Shouldn't your home be, too? Premier Integrators designs and installs automation and control systems for luxury homes. So you can make your family's life more comfortable, convenient, efficient and safe. 

Upgrade Your Home's Lighting Experience

Save Money with Smart Lighting

A good wireless lighting control system helps to minimize unnecessary electricity usage

Enhanced Security

Program automated “ligting scenes” that give your home a “lived-in” look.

Flexible Controls

Place the wireless control systems in any part of your home you see fit.

Fun with Smart Lighting

Set a “night scene” that turns off the entire home’s lights or a “morning scene” that slowly turns on your home’s lights at 5:30am.

Better Lighting... At Your Control

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Getting Started is Quick and Easy

3 Step Process for Upgrading Your Lighting


We spend time thinking through what you're wanting to accomplish. Then, we create a plan to make it happen.

Step 1. Schedule a Consultation

Design Sketch Desktop

We create a detailed estimate for every element of your new lighting control system.

Step 2. Get a Custom Proposal


Our team of engineers and experts gets to work making your project happen. 

Step 3. We Get to Work

Premier Integrators is one of those companies we were lucky to find!

Over the years they have been the most reliable and most ethical company we have ever worked with. They take care of the background noise, so we don’t have to deal with it which is great for our busy lifestyles. We have friends that come over and are still impressed with our Control pads and the ease of use.

They do not oversell and they're not pushy. We are looking forward to our next project which will be to add more lighting control and look forward to working with them again.


They make my life easier!

Rebecca Macolino, Homeowner

Experience state of the art lighting control.


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